Thursday, December 25, 2008

Grandma died on Christmas

My grandma Helen died. My mom's mom. She was 87 and had been sick, but mostly she was just old and ready to go. She was in the hospital earlier this month and pretty much hadn't been responsive since. She had dementia pretty bad, too. Anyway, we're all okay. We know that she's better off and she didn't have any quality of life before. My mom was holding her when she went and I know that mom feels better for that.

We were called while at church, and mom spent the day over at the nursing home after that. She came home for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and we opened our presents and went out to eat. We usually have lasagna for Christmas, but today we went out for Chinese (go figure) since no one wanted to mess with all of that. Mom went right back to the nursing home after dinner and grandma passed about five minutes after mom got there. We think she was waiting for her.

So the funeral's next Saturday, which means Josie and I miss Tyler's family's Christmas, but they understand. We have to go all the way up to Calumet City for the funeral, since that's where her arrangements are and that's where grandpa and uncle Tom are. Mom thinks grandma got a nice surprise when she died, since we never told her that Tom died. With her dementia it was better that way.

Anyway, we're all okay. We glad she's in a better place, as corny as that sounds, but it's all good.

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